To our valued community members, visitors, and guests,

It is our goal at Chiefswood Park to offer you some much needed rest and relaxation, and unique opportunities for outdoor experiences in these trying times. Cabin stays, camping on our grounds, and on-the-water activities throughout the second half of 2020 were among the safest, social distancing activities to do, and we’ve been so happy to be able to provide families with a place to make long-lasting memories! Unfortunately, at present, Chiefswood Park is currently closed while the Province of Ontario’s current mandate for Covid-19 lockdown measures is in place. This will remain in effect until February 10, 2021. Should those measures be extended, we will update our closure details accordingly.

Chiefswood ParkPhoto Credit: Chiefswood Park

Here at Chiefswood Park, we are doing everything we can to ensure that upon reopening, our community members and guests will have a safe place to stay and play. To help keep the Six Nations community, our visitors, and staff members safe, we have enhanced sanitation measures that include frequent cleaning and disinfecting of areas throughout the entire Park. To ensure everyone who accesses the Chiefswood Park grounds has the safest opportunities to do so, we have incorporated social distancing and mask requirements, hand sanitizing stations, and the sanitizing of seasonal amenities and equipment.

Similarly, Covid-19 symptom monitoring, temperature checks, and contact tracing measures have been initiated at Chiefswood Park for the safety of our community, our visitors, and guests. Upon Park reopening, we will continue to follow such guidelines and regulations as well as promote our contact-less check-in and check-out services for our future cabin accommodations and campsites.

Chiefswood ParkPhoto Credit: Chiefswood Park

The Chiefswood Park staff looks forward to welcoming you back upon reopening, following the current pandemic closure measures. We ask that when you are able to visit us again, you please do your part to help keep everyone safe. Local gathering limit guidelines will be strictly adhered to by Park staff. Visitors and guests wishing to gather in larger numbers will forfeit reservations and be required to vacate the property. Practice social distancing on-site by keeping a distance of 6-feet from anyone not in your group. Wear masks when entering any public building, and anytime you’re required to be in close proximity with others, for the safety of our community members, staff, and guests. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer dispensers located within the Park. And, if you forget something, contact the Chiefswood Park office for local businesses with masks, sanitizer, bandanas, and much more!