The Chiefswood Park Staff were thrilled to return to work on June 17, 2020 following three months of lockdown. To say the least, it is not business as usual as SNGRDC’s employees strive to work within the newly sanctioned Covid-19 guidelines. However, the Chiefswood park staff wants to ensure our guests and visitors that we are determined to keep the park running amid this global pandemic by implementing our own measures to keep everyone safe this summer.

Services Available With a Twist

Due to the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic, the Staff have made some changes to our services but are happy to announce that many of them are back up and running. The following will inform you of these modifications and the precautions we are taking to combat the spread.

Cabin Office

Staff are remaining vigilant of the 2-meter social distancing requirement while working within these close quarters and are continuing to wash their hands frequently. They are also ensuring that commonly touched surfaces are being sanitized at least twice a day.

Guests are being asked to refer to our guidelines on the office’s front door, to put on a mask and sanitize their hands before entering. We are asking guests to enter the cabin office only when necessary and are recommending our guests wait for a staff member on the porch to assist them. This is to ensure the least amount of contact to other staff and to prevent further spread.

Canoe & Kayak Rentals

Photo Credit: Facebook/Chiefswood Park

Staff conducted research on how to best proceed with rentals of this service and are pleased to offer this activity to guests on Wednesdays and Saturdays only. This is due to the appropriate wait time involved with cleaning and sanitizing the used lifejackets, paddles, and vessels.

Guests are still being encouraged to bring their own lifejackets and to book a time slot before arrival by phoning the park.


Staff have re-organized the rough camping grounds and service sites to comply with social distancing measures. We now have a total of three serviced camping sites and a total of nine rough camping sites. Each site comes furnished with a picnic table and fire pit area.

Guests are permitted to book in advance and to adhere to the 2-meter social distancing requirements. We ask guests to ensure their camping site is free of garbage before they check out. To avoid any unneeded contact, picnic tables are not to be removed from their areas at this time. If visitors need an extra picnic table, please alert one of the staff members and they will retrieve an additional one for you.


Staff are required to sanitize and inspect the bathrooms throughout the day to ensure their cleanliness. Guests staying at our camping sites are welcome to use our facilities. We ask that they are used with respect to prevent any unnecessary spread of bacteria.


Photo Credit: Facebook/Spring Sault

Staff at Chiefswood have been working alongside our Projects and Maintenance Departments at SNGRDC to open the cabins to our visitors. Although the tireless work is paying off, we are still striving to meet a high standard of completion before they can be rented.

Guests are encouraged to inquire about cabin rentals with our staff by calling our Cabin Office.


Staff are looking forward to getting our cultural programming underway but have become limited due to COVID-19. We are continuing to strive to offer some programming before the end of summer. For now, we are asking visitors to remain active on our social media page and website where they can receive the most up to date information.

Boat Launch

The Chiefswood Park Staff members are happy to report that our boat launch is operational and has been utilized quite frequently in the weeks since reopening.  Boat launch rules have remained widely unchanged due to the pandemic and we encourage all boaters to come and use it.

That’s a Wrap

Photo Credit: Facebook/Chiefswood Park

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Chiefswood Park this year but we want to stress the importance of the above guidelines in ensuring that the park remains open. Any questions regarding our operations can be forwarded to the park staff via Facebook, website, email or phone!