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Learn how to make a horn rattle and water drum with Ken Maracle!

Location: Pavilion
Cost: $250
Date: Saturday August 28th
Time: 9am-5pm
15 spots available
Please bring water

The horn rattle is used in ceremonial and social songs as a companion to the water drum.
Ken makes Buffalo Horn rattles and Cow Horn rattles. He uses small non-lead BB’s inside. The sound is louder, clearer and more consistent. The handles are made from various types of wood. Curly maple, cedar, cherry wood etc. The cow horns vary in colour but the buffalo horns are pure black.
Notes: The rattles are made from Cow horn. The handles are various types of wood. The wood drums will be made from Cedar and White Ash with a leather top.
The water drum sounds different from any other kind of drum. It is used for both ceremonial and social songs and is usually accompanied by the Horn Rattle. The base has a plug and is partially filled with water. Buckskin is stretched over the top. Ken uses hickory, cedar, or hard maple to make the Water Drum.

About Ken.
I am Haohyoh, (Ken Maracle), a faith keeper of the Lower Cayuga Longhouse and a member of the Cayuga Nation, Iroquois Confederacy, Deer Clan.
I have been making reproduction Wampum Belts for more than 30 years. I also make Condolence Canes, Horn Rattles, Water Drums, Traditional Headdresses and more.
For many years I have studied The Great Law, Longhouse Traditions, Haudenosaunee history, Condolence Ceremony and Longhouse Ceremonies

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